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The Answers You Need

How hard are the walks?

The difficulty of walks differ from walk to walk from easy to challenging. We design all walks to be achievable for those with moderate level of fitness. There is enough variety on offer for all walkers to select according to their own choice.

Will I hold up the other walkers if I'm a slower walker?

We keep a comfortable steady pace and with plenty of opportunities to stop and rest and take in the scenery along the way. The walk leader is responsible to make sure that all walkers are comfortable and enjoying their experience. People are always willing to support and stay with anyone who falls behind.

What is the average age of the group?

About 80% of our walkers are aged between 45 - 75. We get a roughly 60/40 female to male split.

Are your walks just for serious 'bush walkers'?

No. Our walks are for anyone who enjoys walking and loves nature, bushwalkers or not. Our walks are conducted in safe, supportive and fun environments. We give you information as to what you will need to bring and how you should prepare for each walk and we're always here to answer any questions or concerns.

What do I need to carry when walking?

A light day pack is usually sufficient for a day walk. Always carry water, the amount depends on the length and/or difficulty of the walk. A good pair of walking shoes or boots. Each one carries their own basic first aid kit. These are available at any chemist. A fold up rain jacket in case the weather changes. Morning tea snack and lunch on most walks. Walking sticks are a good idea for the bush. Ask your walk leader and fellow walkers and you'll soon know what you need for yourself.

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